Glamourous  sneakers for glam chic wellness

A new concept of sneakers exploiting the rules of plantar reflexology, they stimulate vital functions, to the advantage of venous and  lymphatic  circulation of lower limbs.

The plantar is a multilayer made of naturally tanned heifer,  latice foam on a base of water, pre-shaped,  and an anti-shock and auto-modeling layer , with technology patented by Spacqva.

SCIENCE-MEDICAL INFORMATIONThere are 23 massaging islands per each single shoe.
Each surface of the islands follows the rules of plantar reflexology, each corresponding to an organ. Pressing these islands during the walk, we stimulate the function of the associated organ by reflexology.  In addition to a reflex stimulation of an energetic kind, with each step we cause the venous and  lynphatic  stimulation of the plantar,  determining the improvement of circulation.

A precious ally to fight cellulitis, for pregnant women and for those suffering  from venous insufficiency, Angelo Caroli’s “Personal Shoe” is useful at the training ground , but it will become absolutely necessary to walk comfortably.

The woman/man sneaker wears the logo Caroli, on the upper shoe, combined with contrasting palette. Up to the limited edition made of silver and gold.
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