Our lifestyles are so decisive that they are also able to determine that the modified DNA. Genetic research has in fact amply demonstrated that the DNA helix is ​​not static and immodifi kabile; Of course, some features such as physical appearance, color of skin or eyes can not modified carle adopting ‘lifestyles’.

Instead, science has shown that DNA is made up of good and bad genes that our daily habits switched on or off. In this way so we interact with our genetic destiny. The secret to be told ‘how can you not getting older, you’re always in great shape! “It is in our hands.

As says Paola Signorelli, physician trained in anti-aging medicine “the science that studies the relationship between environment and DNA, known as epigenetics, it has shown that the predisposition to certain diseases can be modifi ed by correcting the environment with lifestyles, nutrition , physical activity can positively affect the expression of ‘bad genes’. Everything with which we come into contact, food, air, drugs, but also positive or negative thoughts, stress, genetics and so acts on the expression (mobile): for this reason it is important to know how to turn on good genes. “Unfortunately what turns good genes in a person, disables them in another exposing it to a negative action and
thus to the risk of disorders or diseases more or less important.”


A healthy lifestyle is primarily based on proper nutrition. To stay young for a long time is helpful to follow five rules:

I. A reduced power in calories, consists predominantly of fruits and vegetables fish legumes extra virgin olive oil, devoid of food stored and preferably with local products.

II. Managing stress and maintain a creative and constructive mindset.

III. Perform regular physical activity, the body feels the need to move so as to feed.

IV. Having a healthy and regular sexual activity: sexual activity sends messages to the brain that keep you young, just as the physical activity.

V. Respect the biological rhythms, trying to go to sleep and wake at the same times: in fact, occur during sleep repair and cell regeneration. Simply put, while you sleep rejuvenates you.