To stay young and prevent premature aging of tissues and organs, eating well and playing sports are not enough. It is shown by the study by the Institute of Health: while exercise helps “only” in the prevention of certain chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer, the secret to not grow old is to follow a low calorie diet, but quality. Also very important are regular check-ups, good care of the epidermis and the intake of antioxidants.

At 30 years

Start slowing down the digestive capability, and as many as 75 percent of men get fat for this reason. The skin is affected, and although it is not yet time to talk about wrinkles, begins aging due to cellular dehydration. Experts advise taking slowly digesting foods like whole grains, milk enzymes and probiotics, increase fruit and vegetable consumption and “look” to the quality of sleep. Also it is very important not to interrupt the exercise, paying attention to muscle problems (sprains, cramps) and fatigue from lactic acid.

At 40 years

The hard body neutralize fat, so goodbye to animal protein and soy welcome, white meat and fish! In this period you may experience the first cardiovascular disorders, so smokers should definitely lose the habit. Physical activity is not to be suspended and are indispensable complete check up: those for food intolerances and lifestyles, including those genetic analysis nutrigenomics to know the foods that trigger DNA and protect us from aging factors early, to the assessments of the hormones especially stress. In addition, more time should be devoted to skin care, it starts to lose elasticity due to collagen damage: it is time for the DNA skin test,

At age 50

The number one enemy of the fifties is stress; may be due to cardiovascular diseases (such as stroke), difficulty concentrating or memory loss. The Affi dell’antiaging Clinic specialists recommend to carry out specific controls and control the inflammation often silent. For this purpose it may also be useful to check the PCR value (C-reactive protein) in the blood; if the value is high, it is essential the introduction into the diet of tocopherols (vitamin E) and borage and fish oil, containing omega 3 and are therefore an excellent prevention of cardiovascular problems. As for physical activity, it is over the head to the gym time to make muscles, but you should do aerobic exercise such as long walks, cycling, swimming. Finally, with 50 years is also the time to take care of skin blemishes possibly through the laser. Sunscreen should never be lacking in the beauty case of men and women.

At 60 years

It is essential to take antioxidants, mineralizing, magnesium and vitamin C. Among physical activity are recommended swimming, gentle joint exercise, long walks and unashamed, regular sexual activity! It’s okay if stimulated by drugs, and not only the famous blue pills but also supplements and phytopreparations. As for the lifestyle, the Affi experts suggest a healthy and varied diet to keep adjusting your insulin level, and avoid plant mealy (such as potatoes or beets), preserved foods and alcohol and limit the consumption of sweets. Losing about one and a half liters of fluid a day is necessary to reintegrate them; so do not forget to drink a lot, even when you are not thirsty.