After a decade of experience in the fitness world, especially in the US, since the early 90s Angelo Caroli has created a personal journey of success that has led to the development of his individual business reality based on his conceptual and organizational METHOD.

Internationally renowned entrepreneur in the fitness industry, he thinks that in the trainer-client relationship there is a real transfer of wellness.


    • In 1993 Angelo Caroli drafted a new idea of sport creating a company specialized in the fitness industry, and especially in managing a high quality service in home personal training.
    • In 1997 he created and opened his first Club in Milan, located in one of the most exclusive areas of the city with selected clients of high profile.
    • Since 2000, he opened new fitness centers, many among the most prestigious hotels in the world, real jewels of the company, up to the year 2010 when he launched his own line of cosmetics.

To date, there are seven COLLECTIONS that bear his signature.

Create a shop dedicated to wellness is the new challenge of Angelo Caroli that now is becoming reality.

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Angelo Caroli has developed a personal way to success leading to the constitution of his firm, based on his own psychological and organized method, out of which his excusive collections arise:

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