Caroli Method

“Since I was a child, I have been perceiving an intense force coming from within and becoming more and more intense when I was relating to people, were they the same age or not.” Angelo Caroli 

“If I were to say that the achievement of wellness is not the result of a mathematical logic and that the recipe for good health and good shape does not exist, I would only be saying the truth. Nevertheless, I would go against the work of my whole life, spent looking for a method to improve the quality of the life of our customers. The truth, as usual, lies somewhere in between. That is, in my opinion, codifying the grids of a method that will be applied to the specific needs and features of every single person. This is the belief that has led me to the elaboration of the philosophy of Angelo Caroli Method, which is applied in our centres. These are places where we go far beyond the simple concept of gym where you practice sport and of beauty centre: here you can change your lifestyle. Custom programs prepared by a team of professionals, suitable foods according to the individual physical structure, new habits, commitment and seriousness help create a global balance between mind and body. A rigorous scientific approach, as well as the professionalism of the Staff, guarantees the success of the method, which I have exported to many different Countries.”


Our treatments – elaborated by Angelo Caroli Equipe and based on the personalization of every treatment according to the specific needs of every customer – provide for a sensorial program and use Angelo Caroli Spa Naturals cosmetics, whose formulations stand out for their originality and attentive usage of natural ingredients of the highest quality.


Our programs lead the body through a sequence of treatments realized with specific methods and techniques. These treatments develop a prolonged wellness, extending to the whole person and aiming at the achievement of the balance among the three essential elements of a person: body, mind and psyche. Harmonic balance has always been the main point of Angelo Caroli Method and it is even more exalted by the usage of the Angelo Caroli Spa Naturals products, whose recipes outstand for their originality and the natural ingredients of very high quality.

La Via dell’Equilibrio: Percorso mirato ai bisogni individuali e pensato per ricreare l’equilibrio olistico. Il corpo acquista una nuova consapevolezza, in un ritorno alle origini naturali privo di tensioni e stress, un recupero di energia al fine di rilassare e riequilibrare il corpo e la mente.

La Via della Seta: Percorso articolato in 5 trattamenti (da prenotare separatamente) e mirato al raggiungimento, o mantenimento, dell’equilibrio, della salute, della bellezza e della luminosità della pelle del viso. Un modo per rallentare il processo di invecchiamento, donando alla pelle i preziosi elementi della natura racchiusi nei nostri prodotti di origine vegetale e biologica.