The epigenetic studies have shown that there is more predisposition to certain diseases, most lifestyles are important to correct the environment, or everything with which we come into contact: food, air, drugs, but also hormonal balance, positive thoughts or negative.

To better understand the importance of epigenetics in determining the health of an individual, just think that if parted twins homozygous (with 100% identical DNA) and one went to live in a big city and the other in a locality sea, it would not be the obvious answer to the question “Which of the two twins would age better?”.


According to epigenetic studies in fact, if both twins adopt certain behaviors from the environment in which they live, and if the twins would be evaluated throughout their existence, it would not be obvious to say that those who live in a big city like Milan, for example, it will age more quickly than those who live by the sea or in areas sheltered from the noise, stress and hectic life.

If the twin who lives in the sea adopt a lifestyle predisposing premature aging such as exposure to the sun without protection, smoked, svolgesse employed arduous and did not do physical activity, and the city’s twin had learned to do physical activity from an early age, eating properly, and so on, managing to contain the damage to its DNA, and therefore premature aging, it is possible that it will age much better than the brother who lived by the sea.

That means that if those twins are predisposed to a disease, is more likely to avoid it which of them will keep under control the environment in which he lives, by adopting lifestyles that promote the activity of genes that control the development of that disease .

In summary, our future also genetic really is in our hands.