Emozioni Perfumes

Liquid beauty by Angelo Caroli.
A new idea of beauty and harmony.

Angelo Caroli, master in Italian Style, is proud to present his new extraordinary line of perfumes: EMOZIONI, due to his long experience in wellness and luxury life-style. These evocative and precious fragrances, created with natural ingredients, convey the pleasure of experiencing the new concept of Liquid Beauty that gives charm and harmony to your body.
Angelo Caroli tells the creative process that led to the creation of Emozioni:
“To me a perfume is the union of sensations linked to the past and to the origins, and of how a fragrance penetrates into the skin radiating then through the body to bring balance and wellness. Perfume is an absolute experience involving all the 5 senses.
To me a perfume goes beyond the physical sphere and also hits our “sixth sense”, our emotional sphere. Thus my fragrances have been studied to get through the skin and give new and positive energy to the mind, rebalancing the whole organism.”
With his new innovative line Emozioni, Angelo Caroli conveys all his passion for beauty and wellness mixing different ingredients, each transforming into perfect equilibrium.


FRAGRANCES FOR AN ABSOLUTE EXPERIENCE. Exclusive perfumes which, combined, can create a perfect tune, a vibrant and completely natural harmony.