A mathematical formula that combines the 6 key factors to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

(MX16 + Lx2 CX1 +) + (+ TX5 Nx2 + Bx33)

Dr. Todd Kashdan, who oversaw the study that led to the complicated formula of Happiness, says: “There is only one secret to feel good and feel good, but when the six ingredients that we have included in the formula are present and in right doses, expressed by the numbers next to the sign x, then we can say that we are on track for a happy life, in health, beauty and harmony. “

Discover now the 6 factors of the ‘Feel Good Formula’:

LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Live fully every moment of the day. Try to become aware of the reality around you that perhaps by the presence for granted; hear the sounds, feel the smells and look around. It is important to remind ourselves that we are awake and active for an average of about 16 hours a day.
A tip: find time to devote to improve or maintain a relationship with someone important to you.

BE CURIOUS. Once a day, he tries to explore an unknown side of your life.
A tip: if you look around with curiosity and listen to the people around you, you may find that you like to do or try things that you did not think “do for you” as an example to explore a city you’ve never considered, attend a painting course, devote to volunteering, grow flowers.

LOVE. Love what you do. Do something that you enjoy, it’ll really excites and gratifies least twice a day; This is an essential part of quotididano being.
A tip: once a day is something to do with the people you love.

THINK OF OTHERS FIRST. thinks of others does not mean just think about the others. In fact, you can reap great personal gratification in taking care of others simply by making a few compliments, listening intently to the speaker you or doing a good deed that makes you feel good the person who receives it. How many times a day? The recommended dose is 5 times a day.
A tip: send a text message every day to a friend / relative to inform how it is; costs little, we put a few seconds and makes him feel important who receives the text message. And maybe you could get some unexpected news in return.

NURTURE RELATIONSHIPS. Nurture relationships. The researchers found that the happiest people in the world have at least one person close to them with which they have a personal relationship and narrow. Twice a day you make an effort and spends quality time with a family member, a relative, a friend or partner.
A tip: Invite a friend to a “spun”; in addition to the surprise you will share a moment of well-being and beauty.

BODY. Take care of your body. This does not mean to be a strict diet or doing intense activity ‘physics; healthy eating three times a day and take a walk for 30 minutes a day. Listen to your body and its need to rest, take care of skin and teeth two times a day.
A tip: do a complete check up of your health and start to take care of your happiness. As shown by the experts, happiness is a mix of ingredients that go through your health.