“Time is like a guest of the great world, coldly shaking hands friend who goes, and, arms outstretched, embracing the newcomer” W. Shakespeare

In times of crisis, in the US the most important companies ask their managers to focus more on the job.

Aware that technology can help in time management or, if misused, can become a form of distraction, the manager is prohibited during business hours, the use of mobile phones such as Blackberry or Iphone and was introduced a new email messages are handled. In fact, the mail is downloaded three times a day, and if an email is urgent, is accompanied by a phone call.

It is a system that allows managers to regain the control of the time; In fact, it is known that to achieve the maximum concentration it takes about 20 minutes and when we are distracted by the sound of an incoming message, the concentration is reduced immediately and to return again concentrated we should wait another 20 minutes.

Poor time management that results in shortness of breath chasing the time for the important things, those who have a true value be it emotional or economic.

Learning how to become masters of their own time is easy: you can also just one session of coaching to start having a new time management. And a new agenda.