They call sexexcercise but there is a medical prescription or a personal trainer, of course.

According to research conducted among women enrolled in fitness centers and gyms in the UK, the treadmill Anglo-Saxon prefer the bed. Two thirds of British women said they make love with their partners even after a grueling day at work if they think will help them lose weight. “A less tedious way to stay fit,” – said the researchers interviewed.

Doctors, moreover, argue that the endorphins released during orgasm are very important for health: in fact stimulate cells of the immune system and help to raise the antioxidant defense of our body.

As if to say that sex helps to stay healthy, promotes longevity and prevents diseases as well as wrinkles.

“Today we know that a woman or a man in love are at the mercy of amphetamine-like substances that maximize the action of dopamine, a molecule normally produced by the body – say experts. – When the approach begins to take the powerful levers of desire, this and other hormones, such as phenylethylamine, they grow to high levels. “

The phenylethylamine is contained in small quantities in chocolate and for this reason it is considered an antidepressant, a kind of medicine when a relationship ends. If phenylethylamine has the task of lighting the fire, oxytocin has to make it last longer. In fact, phenylethylamine, having the ability to stimulate the release of dopamine, produces l`esaltazione and status febrile eros; the long, Because, the body gets used to the high levels of this hormone and develops a kind of tolerance that inhibits the effects of the initial passion. The normalization of the levels of phenylethylamine brings satisfaction and calm all`interno the couple, as well as reducing anxiety.

These hormones are important for the health of the couple, longevita` of the report and the health of both partners, are produced especially when the sexual relationship is accompanied by feelings, and thus the production of oxytocin. If you make love in a stable relationship it is so good for your health, what to do when the soul
mate does not come? Experts have no answers. However, there are activities that you can enjoy the same amount of calories than 30 minutes of good sex: 48 minutes of housework, 63 minutes shopping or cooking for 2 hours.

Perhaps the body will not receive the beneficial effects of the endorphins released with orgasm but the physical form will be perfect!