The ‘Modern man thinks of wasting time when you do not do things quickly; But do not know what to do time that gains except kill it, said Erich Fromm in his book “The Art of Love” (1956). Nothing has changed since then but today we know that waste of time is a luxury for the few. According to David Cameron, British Prime Minister, the wealth of a country is not measured only by GDP but happiness and well-being depend, according to the prime minister, “the quality of culture and the strength of relations between citizens.” Words effective that do not take into account an important parameter of wealth: time. The wealth of a country and its citizens, in fact, can also be measured by the quantity and quality of time that a person can devote herself to live and enjoy time for intimacy, regeneration and recovery of energy.


If it were true that time is money and only money can give us more time, then we risk feeling poverissi me why, with all the means and technologies that we have to save time, in fact we have less and less time to devote to quality life. Here then it explained why the luxury becomes time or the time becomes a luxury for the few who have learned to use the time not only to do what you want but especially when you want. The real luxury is therefore taking care of themselves and their loved ones: find ourselves, internally and externally it is in fact a luxury that we can and want to afford. Because time remains and will always remain the most valuable asset that a man can spend without having to first buy.


For every man, expressions such as “Yesterday”, “a moment,” that moment “,” a time “each refer to a set of sensations. Each differs from the others for the content, for a different connotation, a gradient. This is what time means for each of us. And since time has the very meaning we attach to it, it counts for much creativity in how to use it. Often, driven by the frantic pace of our commitments, we are managed by time, sucked by the logic of the “act quickly” without taking into account that it is a right to love one another, choose to remain on standby in a creative leisure maybe, going to work in a park, for example, to free our mind in an unusual place out of our routine. And maybe then you are realizing he could feel inside a different awareness, a more fertile creativity.