Indian Incense


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Unisex Perfume

NOTE – Incense Woody Myrrh Resins

Top: Juniper berries, Iris, Cypress
Heart: Myrrh, Incense, Patchouli
Bottom: Amber, Resins, Leather, Woody accord, Vanilla Madagascar

Pack of 100 ml

Between myth and reality, these notes made for “COLOURFULL COLLECTION” are designed to recreate the magic alchemy among the finest natural ingredients and the ethereal vibrations that are able to bring forth. Precious exotic ingredients like, INDIAN INCENSE & SANDAL.

Raw materials in warm and sensual tones such as Cistus labdanum and the absolute of TOBACCO POWDER. Strong and determined accords here can create harmonious blends, elegant and highly refi ned facets able to interpret and enhance the preciousness of the new COLOURFULL Collection.

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