The correct way to overcome periods of stress is to pamper themselves at a spa.

The spa and wellness center is not a luxury to be granted only when we are on vacation. It is a blessing for our well-being, anti-stress treatment without contraindications and a real therapy to re-educate the body and stimulates our circulation and the skin’s receptivity. Not so consideriamola an occasional luxury, but a good habit to indulge on a regular basis throughout the year. Especially during the change of season when the greater the dangers that come from stress.

But we talk about the single and the effectiveness of the treatment that they provide.

Sauna. Perhaps not everyone knows that, and Aztec women used to give birth in a kind of “sweat” shack because heat lightened the pain of labor, while the Sioux Indians sauna was a real physical and spiritual purification. Today science has added new skills to the ancient wisdom: dry heat and wooden benches synergistically contribute to an immediate well being, raise your body temperature and promote the dispersion of toxins. To get the maximum benefit it is advisable to first wash with soap to open the pores and become more receptive to consume a very light meal and drink a purifying herbal tea or relaxing.

Tepidarium. It is particularly suitable therapeutic room for those with joint problems, arthritis and chondropathies (cartilage problems). The benches heated dry moisture from the tissues and ensure the immediate neuro-muscular relaxation. The saline solution is sprayed inside the room reaches the upper and lower respiratory tract freeing them. The tepidarium is contraindicated only to those who have thyroid problems or heart disease also minors, while it is also indicated for those suffering from low blood pressure.

Turkish bath. Being immersed in a cloud of steam flavored to 45/50 degrees is safe anti-stress effects as well as helping to eliminate toxins, reduce acne, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and asthma.

Kneep path. He said so named Sebastian kneep the path mimics actually a “walking barefoot on the river.” It is a tub with a bottom made of round pebbles as those that are found in the waterways. Jets of hot and cold water are alternated while walking so clumsy and sometimes slightly painful. Cold water stimulates circulation while the hot loosens the joints. In addition, the walk on the stones call into the center of gravity axis giving a correct posture. Sometimes there are more kneep in a spa tubs that instead of having jets of water at different temperatures alternate hot and cold water.

Emotional showers. Different jets of water at different temperatures combined with the chromotherapy and aromatherapy report at the right temperature the body overheated in the sauna or turkish bath, relax the nerves and giving a feeling of general well-being.

Hydromassage. The hot water as well as provide a relaxing environment has the ability to treat a variety of disorders. Immersion in a massage tub is suitable for everyone and drives away the stress immediately.