An ancient and natural therapy to fight and learn to manage chronic stress. There speaks Paul Mariconti, psychotherapist of celebrities, anesthesiologist and pharmacologist Hospital Mangiagalli of Milan, expert in hypnotic treatment of pain for over twenty years.

Stress is a natural reaction to the basic survival instinct with which the body is preparing to face stimuli and challenges of the environment. Indispensable counterpart “good stress” (eustress), is the “distress” which manifests itself or with an excess of charge (IPERSTRESS) or with a state of deficient activation (IPOSTRESS). “These two extremes can be assimilated to some clinical situations of anxiety and depression in which hypnosis can have benefits from the early stages of treatment,” says Paul Mariconti, anesthesiologist and pharmacologist Hospital Mangiagalli of Milan, expert in hypnotic treatment pain for over twenty years.

While we can not measure the stress, the symptoms are so well known that they can give an idea of ​​his level. “The typical signs of distress are high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems, irritable bowel and stomach problems, skin diseases, psychological and physical malaise and continuous. In particular, the posture of a stressed individual is responsible for vertebral and muscle disorders, neuralgia of different intensity but especially the lowering of the immune system, with all the ensuing problems, “says psychotherapist.

“Hypnosis stops drastically the cycle stress-pain-stress that develops in the presence of bad stress creates an effective barrier against the chronicity”.

Trust and relaxation

Explains Paul Mariconti: “Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness characterized by selective attention on what the hypnotist (the doctor) suggested to the patient. It means that the patient, even in deeper states of trance, keeps in touch with the doctor’s voice constantly interacting with him. Already in the early stages with the invitation to the physical and mental relaxation, and the consequent detachment from the environment, we are witnessing a good increase self-control. “

“In fact,” continues Paul Mariconti, “in stressful situations, the body warns you with arrogance resurrecting a primordial pattern of reaction to the crisis just as our ancestors lived attack by a wild animal. The hypnotic treatment contrasts these mechanisms with natural methods, teaching techniques to the particular patient, together with a deep understanding of itself, they can be useful whenever he needed to restore well-being. “

There are not eligible persons to take care in hypnosis: “Even if the treatment is more rapid and immediately effective in people motivated, it is nevertheless essential that the physician familiarity with their patients to find the right way forward and that the patient relies always proven experience therapists. “