When in 1961 Isadore Sharp opened his first hotel did not imagine to arrive a day to create a luxury empire with 82 hotels and resorts in 35 countries.

Issy, architect, son of a builder, intended to create hotels where the customer is the focus of today is obvious, but fifty years ago it was a real innovation. The idea of ​​Isadore was to build its hotels tailored to customers in countries such as Canada, cities like Toronto, not in Hawaii or the Seychelles, even less in Bora Bora and Milan.

Not even imagined to renovate an old Milanese convent of the fifteenth century, yet it is precisely here that the Four Seasons home to his friends and walk-in customers in Milan in Via Gesù, and Via Montenapoleone, 118 rooms and 51 suites to a level beyond imagination .

This is partly Sergio Mei Tomasi, Executive Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel Milano and distinguished spokesman for the Italian cuisine in the world. He worked everywhere: in Paris, Istanbul, New Delhi, Tokyo, New York and San Francisco and has received numerous awards during his career as Chef of the Year, the Gold Medal at the Culinary World Cup in addition to the prestigious teaching post at Ecole Lenotre in Paris in Plaisir. Authentic and generous, it is a supporter of traditional Italian cuisine and, at the same time, always to discover the culinary cultures of other country; He loves it to grasp new ideas, whatever the source, by connecting “pluristellato” the most authentic peasant recipe.