Whatever the emotional causes of physical, intellectual, social risk is high. Not sottovalutiamolo. A few tips can help.

Stress is a biological phenomenon triggered by the body in response to environmental stimuli. It is characterized by the secretion of several hormones and neurotransmitters that may be useful for limited times, because stress, when short-lived, it helps, for example, to improve physical and mental performance.

It is extremely harmful if continued for a long time, slowly poisoning the body to damage it. When stress reaches dangerous levels, to the point of harm, the alarm bells that light up are tachycardia, hypertension, nausea, gastritis, sexual troubles, depression, insomnia.

In periods of high stress such as what we are experiencing, it is important to know what are the indicators that light up in the body and help prevent them. Because, in the long run, the damage could be much more serious of the initial symptoms. Stress in fact accelerates the aging process with obvious physical and psychological wear with the relative depression of mood.

9 tips to follow to better

  1. Always focus on the essentials
  2. trying to decide themselves and take responsibility
  3. set aside perfectionism
  4. not evaluate problems dramatically
  5. do not get carried away by anger
  6. you can enjoy some rest during the day (even just a few minutes)
  7. do not take home the problems and job worries
  8. physical activity because sport allows the body to eliminate the negative consequences of stress in a natural way
  9. correcting the power