The walk north arrived in Italy only at the beginning of 2000, but has already attracted many people. A complete discipline and inexpensive that guarantees the wellbeing of body and mind.

What is needed is obvious: a seal from outdoor, one pair of poles and a place in the open air beautiful better if the point of uploading our minds with positive thoughts, rub your eyes and make us feel in harmony with the whole universe .

The “Nordic walking” loves the woods and the mountain trails or country, but does not mind driveways forget, coasts and even city parks. It is a discipline that few years is a real trend of fitness, an innovation that has had a very long history. For athletes of the Finnish cross-country skiing in fact it represented the ideal workout in warm Scandinavian summer already in the 30s of last century, but its birth “official” was made by a Finnish student who in 1997 presented his thesis precisely this special way of walking in nature.

From cold Finland, passing from South Tyrol, the discipline has arrived in Italy in 2003. In less than 20 years, Nordic walking has captured the beautiful country so that today there are thousands of people who, as amateurs or real professionals, dedicated to the sport helped of course by internet sites and events dedicated as the International Nordic Walking Festival, a meeting point for Italian and foreign enthusiasts.

Benefits to 360 degrees.

At first glance it may seem like just a relaxing walk, but in reality the Nordic Walking is one of the most complete sports ever in terms of well-being both physical and psychological.

If practiced correctly, in fact, this walk allows you to burn more calories than the classic walk fast or lightly stroke: can involve 90% of muscles, acts cervical reducing contractures of neck and shoulder and strengthens muscles trunk, the lats and abs, as well as the muscles of the lower limbs.

The use of full sticks and extends the benefits of the physical framework. The stick in this case in fact, is not only used as a support, but as a tool that helps the thrust and which favors the involvement of the greatest possible number of muscles to increase energy expenditure and generate a positive exercise even at cardiovascular level. Not surprisingly, the energy consumption is 20-30% higher than that typical of the walk without sticks.

In summary, constantly practicing Nordic Walking improves endurance, strength, mobility and coordination, and it also works on posture focusing on the mobilization of the spine.

Nordic walking is also an opportunity to take care of their psychological well-being relax, enjoy nature and socialize: you walk also to learn about new places and new people, to leave behind the daily stress and keep the body young and mind.

All the way.

In addition to being comprehensive in terms of benefits of body and mind, the Nordic Walking is also very “democratic.” It is indeed a discipline that can be practiced by everyone, anywhere. First, there are no limits of age, children can practice without problems and the elderly, sports already trained and enthusiasts who do not want to move. The important thing is to know your limits and choose suitable time and place to get the most from the exercise.

Also with regard to the places constraints are very few, and is certainly not enough to be in the high mountains or in the woods of Scandinavia. Instructors recommend to choose an even field – to start is perfect a dirt path in the plains – and always remember that you do not need to choose uphill trails or inaccessible to improve performance and get more benefits: Nordic walking, as opposed to trekking, in fact prefers a soil with slope variations only read to favor the continuity of the pitch and the amplitude of the movement.

And finally not forget that the Nordic Walking is within the reach of all also from an economic point of view. The equipment is not expensive. Shoes clothing, sticks) are found in the sports equipment stores, while in specialized sites there are plenty of expert tips to practice this discipline properly.