According to a study published in the prestigious British Medical Journal, marriage is an elixir of life, as long as functions. Researchers at Cardiff University have shown that, within a stable and happy relationship, the man leading healthier lifestyles thanks to the influence of the woman in return increases the sense of security and self-esteem as well as improve mood and psychological well-being.

But scientists have no doubt that marriage is only good if it works, or better alone.

We do not know what the secret of happiness of a couple, but over the years numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the importance of a fulfilling sex life. For example, making love improves cardiovascular health because it is a real workout for the heart and, by the same token, favors energy expenditure and thus helps to keep fit and fight the extra pounds. So many benefits but only if certain hormones are in balance: on the one hand androgens, hormones of desire, DHEA (better known in the US as the hormone of longevity), dopamine and thyroid hormones; other prolactin and vasopressin that “turn off” the engines. “But at the top of the hormone cascade that switch on and off the desire, oxytocin and endorphins are the real link between pleasure,


“When you make love with your loved one is associated with passion, pleasure and gratification – says Polimeni – its effects are evident on both the metabolism, calorie consumption, both on the hormonal system. Suffice it to say that making love 2-3 times a week induces an average consumption of about 500 calories and promotes the production of hormones that help keep young and vital: testosterone, for example, that promotes the growth of lean body mass, estrogen and serotonin in women who control the sense of hunger, and oxytocin, the hormone responsible for amorous passions and modulator of anxiety “. At the moment of orgasm, when oxytocin and endorphins reach their peak, the anti-stress action is at its maximum: these hormones in fact reduces the excess levels of cortisol,


Making love at least three times a week with their partner, in fact, helps reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in middle-aged men and, according to an Irish study, orgasms seem to help fight infections because they increase up to 20 percent more than the defense activities of the cells, in addition to protecting older men from the onset of prostate cancer. On the contrary, as revealed by British researchers, if the relationship is unhappy and the couple’s sex life is reduced or absent, increases cardiovascular risk, the chances of suffering from depression and, for men increases the risk of indulging in substance abuse for health, such as smoking or alcohol abuse. How to keep your sex drive active? According to sexologists American coffee would increase libido, while asparagus and cabbage, bananas and figs, salmon, seafood and seaweed would increase excitement.