It all starts in the US : the studies, significant experience as a personal trainer, the meeting with the fitness and wellness. He was born a passion that has become my way of life. Back in Italy I tried to transfer my centers in the new concept of Wellness and Fitness is now become LifeStyle . When we talk about lifestyles, in fact, we think of the healthy individual habits that are part of our lives and it improves the quality : we think of nutrition, physical activity, not smoking, manage stress. But each person has a different ideaof what quality of life: for this reason, before proposing solutions , in my Health Club we begin to know the person , his needs and the functioning of his body. Only then we can recommend the most suitable programs to assist the customer in achieving its objectives and build a welfare project which will become his way of life.


I think finding a personal trainer is right for you is not a matter of luck , as I believe that there is a personal trainer suitable for all customers. On this conviction I founded a training school for personal trainers following a theoretical and practical program to teach future experts to meet the needs of the individual, answering the multitude of questions whether personal home training or at fitness centers. All this to ensure that customers of the Health Club will be at their side not only a coach but mostly a motivator capable of helping the person to achieve the best possible results .


My centers are not only known for professional quality and custom programs: from us, health and lifestyle play an important role . For this reason the Health Club has an experienced medical staff in anti-aging medicine and sport: before starting the training program, in fact, the customer makes a medical examination for the study of body composition, lean mass and fat mass, in addition to the check-up every two months to analyze the successes and modify programs and lifestyles. In fact, we have the customer not only trains the body; welfare gains by acquiring new lifestyle suited him. Thus it was born Angelo Caroli Life Style : an exclusive selection of useful informationbuilding your future well-being and health .

Caroli Health Club

Thanks to years of experience in the design and management of SPA and Health Clubs around the world, whether they are independent structures or inserted in hotel environments, our consulting and training activities are carried out in the field.

We are able to offer customized solutions for each type of structure that comes close to the fascinating, challenging and complex world of wellness.