Antiaging Medicine

What is anti-aging medicine or as healthy aging.

It is the medical science that deals with preventing and slowing the decline of the human organism linked to the passage of tempo.Invecchiare is a natural physiological process. Do not grow old, of course, is impossible, it can, however, affect aging. The antiaging medicine was born, then, with the aim of improving the quality of life in terms of health and psycho-physical well-being. Crucial to achieving this goal is a simple and painless tool that was recently made available: the genomic test. It is a very simple analysis: a cotton swab is passed within the oral mucosa. Such a small levy is sufficient for genomic analysis, through which are searched for potential killer of our organic health and beauty.

What is nutrigenomics

The genome or genetic heritage is the set of genes of a living organism. Genes are the DNA building blocks that make each person different from another. They are localized in the nucleus of each cell and constitute a code (the genetic code) thanks to which are built the proteins that perform the various actions necessary to the human body to function properly. The natural variation in the genome is the factor that differentiates each individual, making it absolutely unique. The 99.9% of the genome is identical in all individuals, and it is precisely the remaining 0.1% to determine the phenotypic differences such as, for example, eye color, or hair, but also, and this particularly concerns us in this context, the individual’s propensity to the disease.

The DNA is composed of bases coupled together: about every thousand fixed bases of the genome exists a possible variation and the element that is changed is called “snip” (SNP = Single Nucleotide Polymorphism). Today they have accumulated enough evidence to consider the role of certain snip inducing predisposition to certain disease states or increased risk of disease in terms of probabilistic estimate than the general population. The snip therefore can affect the likelihood of contracting complex diseases in several ways: for example by altering the expression of genes and thus causing greater or lesser amounts of a particular protein than the norm, or by modifying the efficiency of the produced protein and therefore causing the production of proteins that do not work properly. Other snip instead have a more purely aesthetic value, being able to influence the aging of skin, hair loss, the dismelanosi, but may also be responsible for the manifestation of skin cancer. Still others may account for the body’s resistance to some dietoterapici tools, as they can be responsible for the tissue’s ability to properly use glucose, with inevitable consequences on the individual metabolism floor (nutrigenomics). The identified genetic predispositions can be modified through preventive strategies such as diet, lifestyle, nutraceuticals or, if necessary, medications or hormonal treatment. It must be said that the positivity to a test indicates only the genetic predisposition which can then increase the risk for the development of a disease, but does not determine it; In fact, genetic testing does not detect the presence of a disease, nor does it predict the onset, however, they are an effective instrument of knowledge and awareness of their weaknesses and their own characteristics.

Each test group, in order to be an effective tool, it must be assessed in a general clinical picture (family history and patient’s personal, lifestyle).

The development of a personalized preventive strategy

After determining through genomic tests, the study of oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, for methylation processes and glycation age ‘organic, you can develop a personalized treatment program and integrated it improves the functionality of the systems’ body and to slow down to some extent, some degenerative processes associated with aging. The therapeutic essence is represented by the administration of food supplements, herbal extracts, nutraceuticals, endofarmaci and nootropic substances (substances that promote the efficiency of the central nervous system), all elements that act at the level of those more subtle biological mechanisms by which imbalance derive the peculiar degeneration of aging.

The objectives

The primary objective of antiaging medicine is the reduction of risk factors so we can improve the expectation of a truly healthy life.

The secondary objective instead consists in redressing the balance of the endocrine system (hormones) and the immune and nervous systems in order to slow down the physiological process of cerebral and physical decay, as well as enhance the ability to counteract oxidative stress caused by the action of exhausting free radicals.

The dynamic monitoring

The practical implementation of preventive strategies is evaluated cyclically and through repetition of examinations and diagnostic tests.

The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life over time while maintaining the efficiency of the organs and apparatuses as close as possible to the one you had in your youth.

The personalized therapeutic program

A complete anti-aging treatment program integrates various aspects:

power: are set nutritional parameters according to
the strategic lines anti-aging power,
adapting the qualitative aspects to what detected
by genomic tests;

nutritional supplementation: on the basis of the check up antiaging reliefs settle any supplements can compensate for current shortages and prevent future risks;

Physical activity: based on the aerobic capacity, will provide tips on testing frequency and type of ideal physical activity in order to develop an appropriate program of activities to its own characteristics;

dermocosmesis: always on the basis of the findings from the tests, provides guidance and advice on treatments and / or useful supplements to improve their health and, consequently, the appearance of their skin;

Anti-stress: even stress management can be an important element for anti-aging strategies; different options than technical;

Relaxation: from reflexology to ayuverdico or anti-stress massage, chiropractic from yoga to meditation.

The benefits of preventive strategies

A program like the one outlined has many advantages that we can briefly summarize in the following points:

  • increase in energy and stamina;
  • increase of memory and ability to concentrate;
  • prevention of skin aging;
  • attenuation of wrinkles;
  • improving skin tone;
  • reduction of body fat and increase in lean body;
  • better stress control capacity;
  • Optimization of mood;
  • enhancement of sexual desire and efficiency;
  • cardiovascular and neurodegenerative prevention;
  • strengthening the immune system.