A scent not larger than a human’s heart and not smaller than the Universe.


This is UNI (one) and VERSE (song) – the song of our Universe. While we differ in the performance of each different note, the song we sing remains the same because the scent of love invisibly links the atoms of our hearts in Anima mundi – the Soul of the Universe. A scent like the tail of a comet, telling the story of its Universe. After it proudly showed to you the scent of Black Rose, Metanoa decided to tell you also the story of the Universe in one single gift – UNIVERSE by Metanoa de la Rose.

Look at this crystal globe.
Seems at first it’s just a blue crystal globe, but it contains the entire Universe.
This is us. In this Universe, everyone we have ever loved, everyone we have ever known, absolutely all human beings have lived inside it. All the joy and love, thousands of emotions, aspirations and dreams, all tales and untold stories, any hero and any philosopher, any creator and any teacher, any woman and any queen, any saint and any sinner in our history, each one of them has lived inside a sand piece bathed in the sun!
Looking like a distant pale blue dot in space, it is the only home we know. Each person is a universe by himself and carries the entire Universe within.

One of the greatest perfume creators – Angelo Carolli – developed a limited edition of perfumes with the scent of the Universe, made especially for Metanoa, and each unique fairytale globe was created by the magical glassblowing technique by Anastasia Andreeva. It is because art is eternal, just like the stars on the sky and the Black Rose.

“Art is a secret, a mystery of the imagination that cannot be deciphered in one’s lifetime. Metanoa de la rose has inspired me to share my excitement with you. In my mind, glass is like the 12 musical notes, so simple of sounding on their own, but transforming in the composer’s hands into the Four Seasons or The Moonlight Sonata. If I were fire, I would burn. I only have glass, and I have colors so I created for you the entire Universe.” Anastasia Andreeva

“You are the entire Universe and it is not you living in the world but the world living inside you.” Angelo Caroli